Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Struggle

Why does this always happen to me
Just when I thought I'd escaped
How I'd run and love freely
A sadness envelopes
Holds me down from glee
A joy no more, again
The pain beckons me
The love that I once had
Knifes the back of me
Strikes me down
Breaks my heart unmercifully
She was the one or so I thought
But now she leaves
This struggle I have
Has jaded me
From upon high above
I fall unrestrained and deeply
Into the sorrowful bottomless pit
A love within that still yearns whole-heartedly
Even though there is no reciprocation
A candle still burns in the core of me
Waiting against all hope
For return of arms embracing me
A struggle I live with
Is this attempt futile and naive
Only time will tell
Struggling I am, struggling I will be.

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