Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home Sweet Home

"Home sweet home
is where the heart is"
is quite a simple phrase
but deeper in meaning it has

A sweet home
is nonetheless, ever so true
a happy establishment
with love and joy so full

This sweet home
beckons and calls at will
when we empty, far apartto return for our fill

Home sweet home
is not necessarily
a place physical in nature
it can be found quite freely

Our sweet home
it is from within found
when our hearts are happy
and our love unbound


We once had that sweet home
such a fervent and arduous love
it used to be so peaceful
flying gracefully like a dove

Now that home is empty,
like a palace, broken-down
cold and damp
downtrodden with a sad frown

Within this home
lies our once warm hearts
broken and shattered
thousands of pieces fallen apart

This dark home of ours
used to burn ferocious
now is only left
to pick up the pieces

We may have left our home
for new sort of starts
with whatever pieces
is left that can be found of our hearts

But I don't want a new home
the old one was just fine
true it needs to be fixed
this house can again be sublime

That once sweet home
still stands fortunately upright
though the inhabitants have gone
friendship's foundation has kept it full of might

Alas I will stand by this shabby home
hope can be seen from the den
Some sincere hard work
a small candlelight lingers within

I stand by this home
I will wait ever so patient
for your return
to a home ever so magnificent

My heart beckons you home
to find your way back
to a home sweet home
where our hearts should be.

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