Monday, April 25, 2005

In with the New and out with the Old

In with the new and out with the old
the vinyl record has now become
the CD we now dearly hold
even that might seem ready to fold

Just when we thought CD's were okay
to use without worry of format changes
mp3 players come into the fray
ready to make CD's obselete when they play

Headed that same direction are DVDs
when we thought such collections
would last us very long as we glee
a new horizon is upon us with changes we will see

Day by day our living changes faster
the "old" is replaced by the "new"
computers, TVs, even toasters
time and money float away asunder

Do we really need new commodities
the lastest and greatest materials
presenting supposedly better comfortabilties
and their cash insensibilites

Sometimes change is inevitable
like a rock rolling down a hill
full of momentum invariable
that we have to change to be able

Do we need new cars
when the old one completes its task
driving us from our home to the bar
sometimes even better in gas mileage afar

Those are the times
when the new is not necessarily better
and the old is so much more fine
like tastes of great wines

However I am not an agent that is bent
against all types of changes
I will not fight against advances fervent
I would be an idot in that sense

All I am proclaiming here
is that we must be more aware
of new products when they appear
no better than the old ones we hold dear.

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