Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Act of Judging Someone

I don't know about some other Catholics, especially American Catholics, but they seem to judge the new pope, Benedict XVI, a bit too early. They haven't let him start out his work as the 265th pontiff and yet, they are already calling him a bad leader. True it is someone's past can tell you a little bit of what the person is like. However, when the person gets a promotion, a new job, or in this case becomes a spiritual leader, the citizenry should allow the inauguration before we judge his performance. He gets the clean slate so to speack. He has yet to decree anything significant. More importantly though, is the fact that these Catholics are judging their pontiff. First and foremost, we have been taught in our Christian faith that we should not judge others. God is the only one that is reasonable enough to judge anyone. We should not judge so that God will not judge us, is what I thought Catholics and Christians alike have been taught in Sunday school. Apparently, those teachings don't apply here to them. However, I will not judge them to see if this is true or not; it is just a postulation. Another issue is that they are "devastated" by the election of this pope. We should remember if we are true Catholics then we believe the Holy Spirit is with these cardinals during the conclave. Therefore, whoever is chosen to be the pope, God has a direct hand in this issue. This is the same God who saves us from danger and ill will when we pray to him. Why would God not pick the right pontiff? He has the infinite and excellent knowledge. Thus, by criticizing the pope, we are criticizing God as well. So the question that belies us is, are we going to argue with our eternal Creator, the God that gave us life? I certainly am not. Those are my ramblings of the day. Hopefully it is somewhat coherent for you to read.

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