Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Little Migraine

It starts out small
itsy bitsy
like that spider
climbing up
that little waterfall

The spots of vision
unclear uncomfortable
blotches of fog
litter the eyes
such an appalling condition

Then the pains starts
pounding resounding
like the drums
beating on megabass
torturous to the heart

"Knock me out!"
sighs cries
I tell her I can't
she must sleep
to put the flame out

I give her Excedrin
chills pills
at this point she's on the edge
cringe i do
dazed as if i were on gin

Nausea takes hold
gripping pricking
its a catastrophe
a sickening ailment
she grasps me like a chokehold

Then it hits
freezes seizes
her shrieks subside
my heart calms
slumber ends her fits

The hour has passed
clicks ticks
dire emergency
ends in happiness
dreams of confort have amassed

This little migraine
itsy bitsy
became a catastrophe
ailing my girlfriend
making my heart strain

Conquered has she
victorious joyous
may angels confort
your dreams tonight
and may you wake up with glee

I dedicate this poem to my dear friend, my love, my girlfriend. She has gone through a tough migraine episode. I personally know how it feels. The ills, the shakes, and the chills that she felt today remind me of my encounters with this ailment. It runs in my family, my dad to be specific. I receive this sacrifice all the time. This is her first meeting with such a disease. I hope i did not pass this on to her, which is very unlikely. I believe she's been a bit stressed lately and that has affected her mind. May God bless her and keep her from receiving the pricks and throngs that encompass my life. She is currently in a wonderious deep sleep. May she wake up with great strength and good health. Thank you God for your sweet touch and divine mercy.

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