Thursday, April 28, 2005

Worries & Fears

Worries and fears
litter the landscape
oh please God can you hear
all i want to do is run, escape

Between the joys and hope
like hills to valleys
in our life we must cope
and try to walk that fateful alley

I know sometimes
I falter horribly
ugly like bathroom grime
a distasteful speck sinfully

It is the root of my pain
where my fear originated
makes me a worrisome lame
walking on crutches handicapped

I beg of your help
that i do not have to take this cup
worries and fears that make me yelp
You kindly lift me up gentle like a baby pup

I desire with all my heart, soul and mind
dear God you calm my qualms
I proclaim "I do this one last time"
then i falter again like a refrain in a psalm

Only if i was more steadfast
I would not be sink so lowly
I would be strong and be able to away cast
those quips quite quickly

Realization hits in however
in this world we are humans only
mistaken-prone and not so clever
but God redeems us ever so completely

We need only to ask
for Him to rid of our worrisome malice
on one stipulation, penance, a task
to try and drink of that dear chalice

So I see it now bright
it comes to me clearly
I must try and make a good fight
like St. Paul to live deeply cleanly

God will cure our stumbles
if you try our very best
but happen-chance our steps do fumble
God will help us back on our feet in our daily test

Thus to God i pray now and forever
please forgive my irks and ills ever so full
along my journey i'll try to be better
so that i will be less worrisome and fearful

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