Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blinded by the Light...

Blinded by the light
Stuck in the darkness
Seemingly lost of sight
I must confess

The truth is horrible
Bloody, ruthless and unkind
Though it is incorrigible
It puts me in a bind

I need to see
The blight denies
What I should be
The belief subsides

Wandering nowhere
My soul is dark
Destitute and despair
A contrast so stark

Outwardly sunny
Purportedly fruitful
Jokingly funny
But inwardly awful

In a state of disgrace
No where to run or hide
Must I the truth face
Who shall I toward confide

Anger envelops a bubble
How could I be so stupid
Get into all this trouble
Shoddy and un-intrepid

I must own up
To the truth that is
Must speak up
Confidently of my business

Blinded by the light
Stuck in the darkness
Seemingly lost of sight
I must confess.

Inspired by a sibling in need of help that is stuck in denial. I pray for her deliverance to the light, to see the truth of what is so help can be given. May God Bless her!

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Chhaya said...

hey John...
first of all, I am so glad to see a new poem even though the inspiration seems to be rather painful.
I like the way you have used the sense of contrast to bring out the ironies of life.. the dilemma and the conflict is beautifully portrayed.

PS: I will pray for your cousin...

Ahsan said...

its a good poem to learn by heart

Bobbi said...

I think we have all been there, so blinded by something that we couldn't find the way out. I like how you show the hope of a way toward the light and a better life path. Great poem.

Anonymous said...

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