Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mounting in the distance
A whole platoon or two
Oh heck, maybe even more
What is my strategy
Waves are crashing in
I must decide when
Should I run, flee
Who knows what to do
The sand is blowing away
The drums are beating
Calamities bountiful
Confusion rules the day
Strategy is foiled
Oh what the hell
I'll bust it open
Take a chance
Finish what I set out
The clock is ticking
Patience is pixie dust thin
The rush flushes
Within and throughout
The terror of night
Fast forward
Ever blaze of glory
Disaster aversion tactic
I have done it
Sealed the deal
Pushed against the grain
An army of one
Dust my shoulders off
Pow, Bam, Kaboom
Force to be reckoned with
Anger of passion
Fought like rebels
Against the rising tide
The drum beats no more
My heart gleams bold
No more

In consideration and joy of writing under pressure =) Mostly self-induced because I like to finish my jobs on time or earlier if possible.


Chhaya said...

u have worked wonders under the pressure..

btw..long time no visit @ my place :(

Chhaya said...

can i put some pressure on you so that you will write another poem? :D