Monday, May 18, 2009

I Believe

I believe
I can do this
Go forward
And achieve
My goals
And dreams

Others may
Even loved ones
Bring you down
Dismiss as real
Jokingly laugh
Blasphemy they say
Not attainable

I will not
Let that seep
Into the core
A defense
Stout and strong
Stubbornly heady
I will go on

They see not
The true ambition
Spit at my decision
Curse my sights
Toss the book
In my face
But I stand still

I see the light
The tunnel
Of my desire
My innermost
Core and heart
Soon you shall see
What I believe.

As a dedication
To those who do not believe
What I can achieve
Hard work
Hearty labor
Never give up
And never cease

I believe
And so I shall see
Soon they shall too
My dreams
My love
And my passion!


Chhaya said...

Faith and Belief is urself are two greatest weapon you can have. so nice to see such a positive poem.

i wish i cud write like this :)


Poetikat said...

Quackster, Sorry, somewhere along the line, I lost your link ( a cleaning spree perhaps?) but will rectify this immediately.
I believe in you too.

Thanks for your loyalty,


Chhaya said...

hey .. no new poem?

posted the first draft of the first chapter of my new story.. have a look :)

Bobbi said...

All we should do is believe in ourselves. What a strong poem.