Saturday, May 23, 2009

Death in the Desert

This is the end of days
The end of time
Dark clouds brew
I hear the bells chime

On this barren desert
With the thunderous clamor
Of lightning strikes
A mighty hammer

Laying inside the car
Resting with my foot out
This is it
Shrunken is my clout

All these years
Of dirty deeds
And broken trusts
Evil now feeds

Here I am alone
Myself and I
Faster my hearts beats
Soon I cannot deny

The pain I caused
Dirty under deals
Have led me here
Death is at my heels

I heave and breath
Caustically heavy
A shot through the chest
Blasted my steady

Though I did deserve
Such injurious treason
The hurt is unbearable
Pain scrambles reason

Why me I say
Then the rain drips
I struggle to see
My soul drops

What dreams may I see
On the other side
Terrified I realize
There is no other side.

Inspired by a character in Chhaya's Untitled Story


Lilly said...

Brilliant, very clever.

Chhaya said...

Amazing.. Amazing ..

i am speechless. You have captured the agony of the character so amazingly. i am going to put a link on my blog...

thank u.. i must thank u ..
the last two lines were awesome :)

dreamer said...

amazing!!....I enjoyed my stay here...will be back soon.

Poetikat said...

"Shrunken is my clout" Wow! This is a beaut! Powerful stuff. (I'm hoping it's your alter-ego.)

I have an award for you on "Keepsakes".


Brosreview said...

Brilliant! Very well-written! I am here via Poetikat's spot. Visit my spot sometime. Cheers!

Bobbi said...

Beautifully dark.