Friday, April 10, 2009


There is a yearning
A need and want
That is burning
Inside that flaunts

What shall I do
It growls and rolls
I haven't a clue
The innards bowl

It hits with a pang
Soundly and assuredly
Unbalanced I hang
Looking to hold firmly

I search the field
Looking left and right
For something that yields
Sustenance for the fight

Then the sound grows
Louder and in more pain
Try to shoulder the blows
Alas I cannot tame

The alarms have sounded
Whistles and bells
I have been hounded
Of signs so tell-tell

What are the signs
Odd and discouraging
That hits so unkind
Befalls me staggering?



Bobbi said...

Great poem about a subject that is a world wide problem.

Lilly said...

Brilliant - your poetry is very good you know.