Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Education and Innovation

What is education? What function does it play?

If you ask most people, education is the training one needs to foster the growth of the mind and nourishes us toward career goals. That to me is a short-sighted goal. Indeed, our minds needs growth and education shall help us reach our careers, but is that all? I would like to suggest that it should also provide us with the setting to be creative, to socialize and to learn morality.


If you look at the structure of our school system, one will soon realize that it is hierarchical in order. Math and science is king. Do not get me wrong, it is quite important for us to have math and science because it is the crux of our technological revolution, but it does not necessarily provide for creativity.

What then is to nurture our creativity?

It is the arts. The arts help us opens up the mind to new adventures and makes us think out of the box. This ability to visualize newer ideas and thoughts will help society grow in better places and foster the vitalization of society.

What shall we do?

We must change the social structure of school. I am not implying we de-emphasize math and science because it is still necessary, but we should bring on par the importance of the arts. I might even dare say it is the arts that will save our humanity and fix the problems we currently face. Innovation comes from minds that can think differently and creatively. The arts will nourish such a prospect.

Please do check out this video below on schools and creativity:

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