Thursday, February 19, 2009


What is potential?
It is a perception
A possibility
Of what might be
It could happen
Perceived to exist
A blessing in disguise
Chances are good

It is also a maybe
Not a denial
A flat-out rejection
Door is closed
No opportunity
A strike-out
No way in
A chance not given

What is potential?
It is you my dear
Giving me a chance
To vie for us
A field to prove
My actions of love
A goal to reach
Chance of Us

On that winter’s night
In the cold air
Over the phone
Shockingly excitable
Not the answer
I had thought
But good enough
That probable chance

I have potential
To reach for us
Prove myself worthy
Present my heart sincerely
Out for all to see
Through acts of love
My kindness I show
For our chance of love

What is potential?
It is us knowing not
Giving a chance
To walk in darkness
Together as one
Seek the unknown
Forge a new path
Our chance together

Though precarious
The journey may lie
We can make it
In this walk together
You believed in me
I held your hand
Not a denial
Nor chance rejected

What is potential?
Rolling the dice
Giving it a try
Diving headfirst
Reaching for the stars
Climbing to the pinnacle
Potential is love
Between You and Me.

Dedicated to my love
Valentine's Day 2009


meimeil6 said...

So sweet!! =)

silent storm said...

That is just sooo sweet it makes me swoon! :-D