Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Love Letter on Valentine’s Day 2009

To my dearest love,

I hope when you get this letter that you are in great hopes and spirits. You deserve such bright environs because you give so much of that wonderful attitude to others, especially me. I am honored and very moved by the fact that you are still with me even to this day.

Though you were suspicious of my intentions earlier on when I first met you in 2002, I was able to convey my inner true self-being. You caught my eye and I became smitten with love ever since Sweet Home Alabama, maybe even earlier. For all intents and purposes, I was truly struck by your beauty at the Block at Orange. It is my definite belief that beneath that Californian appearance can be found a wholly Southern personality (both Vietnamese and Carolinian) that radiates through. You are welcoming to others and always strive to help those in need, even putting others intentions before yours. I too often am at the receiving end of this action and I am grateful for it. On February 14th, 2003 I was finally able to fully convince you of my desire to be with you and in return you agreed simply my entertaining my wishes of a kiss. My love, you can say you sealed it with a kiss.

As the years went by our love grew as well as it waned. We went through some fine times as well as some tough ones. However for some odd reason, we were able to survive it all. Suffice to say, the love that is rooted in our hearts truly helped us get through those regrettable times. We have grown and I hope we will continue to grow together. As long as we have the heart to love and the desire to please, we can do anything. I have learned a many great things from our relationship. I want to be more endearing to you and learn to communicate more solidly with you. You make my heart flutter and I want to convey this message to you. I am truly honored you are at my side. Thus, with this Valentine’s Day of 2009, I would like to commemorate our love with some gifts. I hope you will entertain these as well as you did when you agreed to be my love. You make me soar and for it, I hope we can soar together. I love you so much.

Yours truly,


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