Saturday, December 27, 2008

Freaking Cold!

With my teeth chattering
The wind howling
My feet curling
A spattering of rain
The tingling chill
An icy window
My arms crossed
The frozen floor
Shaken and stirred
The brisk air
Thinking to myself:

This is Southern California
Why is it so freaking cold?!


joanna pham said...

i helped out your sister last night! i'm not a server or anything. i work as a busgirl sometimes

Chhaya said...

:) a rather sweet poem. lol.... i love cold, though we hardly get any in this part of India. may be i should head for mountains ...

aria said...

Umm yeah its quite cold here too but probably it wont be as cold as southern California.. :)

Poetikat said...

I loved this! So expressive! So down-to-the-frozen-earth!
You should try living where I am in the Freakin' North!


Here's a poem for you:

Poetikat said...

I don't think that url copied well. There's a "/would" after the date.

Bobbi said...

Loved this, it expresses just how cold it has been here in California.