Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pain, Torture and Agony!

I never knew quite fully
The meaning of these three keys
Words learned early on
Pain, Torture and Agony

That is, until now:


Assaults the mentality
Slaps the face
Disrupts normality
Lost of grace

Stirs the mind
Gets you thinking
Why oh why the grind
And discordant sinking


Sad feelings consistent
Wears you thinly
The pangs are persistent
Skies darken grimly

Reinvigorates the soul
Forces a change harshly
Fortification of the goal
To meditate more clearly


The sorrow deepens
No control over shame
Regretful incline steepens
Fallen down lame

Transforms the hardened heart
More merciful point of view
An even stride at this new start
Uncovering what is true.

In concluding:

Pain introduces a change
Torture fortifies new formation
Agony prevents undesirable relapse

These are the things that drive me to be the person who I am. The negativity gives rise to the optimism that forms my core. Odd it is that the ironic motivator of my positive outlook is the pessimism that surrounds me. I suppose what they say is true: No pain, no gain. I have gained much insight to my life and who I am. I will continue to grow as a human being of humility and common decency as long as I have these three keys: Pain, Torture and Agony.

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