Thursday, April 17, 2008

Never Ever Again

The course of my fate
Has been altered
Due to others' decisions
That certainly faltered

History turns a corner
The winds of change
The compass points north
Towards a new positive range

A dead end with false hopes
Was unduly reached
Forcefully set against
What was morally preached

Never again do I fall
Backward in confabulation
History is now surely altered
No reconsideration nor conciliation

Standards are assuredly set
New bylaw and requirement
No looking backward to the past
A new restructured firmament

This new course of action
Is now put into place
Due to disparaging disparities
Disrespectful to my face

Trust and honor
Was all I asked
Held in high regard
Was damnably thrashed

I call forward
In the halls of the just
A new resolution
Responsibility a must

I forge a new path
Through the darkened forest
Forever never looking back
This I shall mightily attest

Never again this way
Surely a change is due
You must have known
What was to ensue

Those unjust actions
Leads toward a new course
I am not the same
New proclamation to enforce

What is it you ask
What was back then
Shall unquestionably be
Certainly never ever again.

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