Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Look Inside

A look inside
into the depths
to where my heart resides

The core of my soul
beats a heavy rhythm
of sadness and sorrow

What I find curiously
is not a surprise at all
my pain beats furiously

Mistakes are all over strewn
on the boulevard of broken dreams
of this solemn tune

A patchwork of stitches
encompass all four chambers
barely holding together the twitches

Alive in name only
almost dead inside
makes me lonely

The life is sucked almost dry
a broken heart results
no longer soaring high

No one to blame
but my inconsistencies
are the claim this ill-fated fame

Strong on the outside
but like a fallen dead tree
hollow on the inside

If my mind were more respectful
actions more directed and strong
I would be more powerful

To effect a change outwardly
to my skin and bones
recapture a love more fully

Alas a change is in order
however the wait made it late
indeed a change is in order

She has left me deeply
thanks to me, myself and I
the trinity of stupidity


A look inside
shows my weakness
where within I confide

The damage is done
sometimes better late then never
weighs on the mind a billion ton

I am changing
and will continue as such
a new path I am forging

Regret will be my motivation
with a desired end result
never reached without her in frustration

With hope in the dark night
construction on this boulevard
will be my fight

To wherever it leads
all the days of my life
upon this boulevard my heart feeds.

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