Friday, July 06, 2007


No more drama in my life
Exclaims Mary J and expertly sung
We want it end to the strife
Feeling that we are like on the noose, hung

Nothing compares however
To the drama others feel
How they struggle to be better
Getting the worse deal

When we look in that plain view
The perspective shines clear
The pain that we knew
Pales a million-fold to another's fear

We must not squabble and scribble
Our own nuisances on the wall
While others live painstakingly but able
Any help by us could stop the fall

We should be fortunable
Others wish they were us
Yet we live ungrateful
Taking for granted what is given us

We live a drama
Is not at all as such
Other's drama
We don't help as much

A change and break is in order
The drama that is
Ungrateful we shall no more
We shall help at the very least.

Dedicated to the various people that I know who are suffering profusely, going through much more pain then anyone could fathom. They deserve a light of peace, a break from the pain. A prayer for you I shall offer for your sake and sanity. All things shall pass and the light at then end of the tunnel is just a bit a ways. My hand I have lend and that hand shall not be rescinded.

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