Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tough Decisions

In situations
where tough decisions
reaches a point of fissions
leads us on the edge of divisions

A resolution of order is in need
to relieve anxiety that we feed
the undernourishment makes us bleed
who is there for us, to lead

The consequences are on balance
the decisions make no difference
either way there is no chance
for a win for us, no joy to dance

I guess this is what life is about
growing up learning not to pout
why people look toward mature clout
to follow what these people tout

They make the tough decisions
on issues of great divisions
internally, externally and every schism
and stay above the rim without fission

They weigh the consequences
not staying on the fences
knowing that lances
dart their way, these consequences

To live and learn
builds a foundation that is firm
on concrete ground so stern
a trade-off we do not scorn

Yet the answer has been made
a decision is not for trade
the path has been laid
we must lead forward unfazed

If the path is illegitimate
at least we know and learn from it
rather than be in limbo inconsiderate
and retrace those steps back into the right fit

In our difficult situations
we have made a decision
a sacrifice is in our vision
though there may be no elation

However is it better then being stuck
and definitely out of luck
in no-man's land never leaving the muck
and complaining it forever being in a ruck

To make a tough decision
requires maturity and vision
to stand tall in the confusion
and to grow forward in life's mission.

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