Friday, May 19, 2006

Dearest Love

Dearest love
I write to you
with sincere earnest
professing my love to you

When I am with you
my heart flutters
fast and then faster
makes my mind stutter

Without you
my soul feels empty
like the barren desert
wishing you near me

You make my life
move in wondrous ways
never before imagined
unceasing to amaze

The colors you provide
are like the ones on a rainbow
opening new doors and windows
a rush of life's tantalizing flow

My life is amazing
not because of who I am
but of who you are
unique, beautiful and a gem

One who is definitely
sparkling, an eye-catcher
a diamond in the rough
remarkable, yet tender

You are
my soulmate
dearest love
in your hands is my fate

You would think
that you, my love
would be treated with care
peacefully like a dove

I know that I fail
on occasions countless
to treat you right
yet you love me nonetheless

Patient and endearing
you allow me to change
yet slowly and stubborn
I cause quite a bit of pain

I fail to communicate
I am a hypocrite
I proclaim to talk
but silence into a fit

I love you dear
but none are my actions
that is why
I am writing to undo inaction

You are my star
the one above, shining
illuminating the brightest
making me happy with your twinkling

Embedded in you
is that love that is deep need
the heart I erroneously forgot
a love I must keep from dying asunder

You are
my soulmate
dearest love
in your hands is my fate

I will treat you better
treat you right
your love is worth it
your love is my fight

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