Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In Times of Need

When the mood is
worried, anxious and hurried
where do we go
who do we look up to
in this tumultuous flow

A disaster strikes
hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes
the situation is dire within
pain and sadness
deeply are we mired in

It seems as though
as we look left, right and every which way
nobody is there
loneliness encapsulates us
however we should have no fear

We have the best there is
Most High, Revered, Our God
in these times of need
He helps us mysteriously
miracles are bountiful indeed

If we look to God
wise, all-knowning and powerful
pray to him contently
in deep meditation
we will relieve our pains quickly

Thank God for being there
listening, guiding, focusing
my life in wonderous ways
magical and unbelievable
even though i fall off sideways

I pray to you now
I pray to you tomorrow
I pray to you to help me
I pray to you to guide me
I pray to you in times of need.

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