Tuesday, September 13, 2005

From Bad to Worse

Anxiety awaits
the seconds tick
sweat drips down my face
my stomache butterflies sick

The news is bad
am i that terrible
it seems that way
that i am ill, un-able

Okay clear my mind
attention, focus now
try to clean up my mess
i hope for no more fouls

Bam, bang, boom
now things really blow away
exploding up my face
just when i thought it was okay

I have made my situation
from bad to worse
compounding the pain
tenfold or more over the course

What shall i do
i'm such a fool
a simple apology
does not do

I need to fix
i need to clean
make the unsavory condition
become nice and to be seen

And for starters
i'll change my attitude
my whole complexion
it is time for fortitude

So i'm here
at the very bottom
no more deeper
no more being dumb

Careful and concise
bullseye aiming
i shall start
pinpoint flaming

It is time to fix
and a time to make a turn
forward thinking
i shall return.

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