Monday, June 13, 2005

A Simple Truth

Forward looking
backward thinking
life is full of queries and questionings

Do we move toward this one way
or was it like yesterday
confusions clutter our day

What is truth and morals
our mind quarrels
frustrates us and un-furrows

In this disappointing life it seems
a light from heaven gleams
God sends joyous beams

Look to Him
within our hearts when times are grim
for guidance that sings sweet hymns

It is as simple as that
straightforward and straight out flat
God is the way, the truth, unmatched, just that

If we can do this one true thing
our confused, fustrated being
can be a better happier human being

Thank God
I love you God
Please be with me always God

1 comment:

Cathy K said...

Never knew you were a poet.. the ones I did read are very awesome...

I don't even think you remember me since it's been years since I last saw you...

I was checking out your myspace and came across your page. Wanted to see what was in it and wanted to say hi..

well that's it from me, when you see giau, tell her cathy said hi..

hope summer is going well... see you around one day =)