Wednesday, May 18, 2005

When the World Was Young

The sincerity, the innocence
looking out to the immense world
without care and reverence
pure is what you see when eyes unfurl

Great hopes, wonderful chances
the possibilites are endless
a beautiful world, wonderful fancies
dreams guide imaginations limitless

Oh they were the best times
no worries, no responsibilities
great was the sign of times
heartfelt love and joyful glees

When the world was young
as we looked upon it youthfully
nothing was wrong
everything seem right truthfully

Then suddenly like slam of a door
a blast of cold, freezing air
this youthful fell to the floor
replaced by adulthood so bare

Only if we could relive the past
go back to better times
a spell that we might cast
to reverse to magnificent times

Unfortunately time moves without a fuss
we move forward, no backtracking to from
current life degrades us, saddens us
the naive curiosity has changed to boredom

We must move on youthful boy
but we will look back
at our unabashed joy
to carry us along, kept in our pack

For this joy, in times of need
when sadness envelopes us full
will give us strength, and be our feed
when times make life unbearable.

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