Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plus One

Plus One
With mathematical certainty
That is the logic between
The proof of You and Me

You have delighted my life
Through a neurochemical concoction
Of "madly truly deeply"
The passionate equation

Adding up the years
The good and the bad
A definite witch's brew
None other could be had

In my wildest dreams
Where logic holds no sway
Our summer ties held true
Regardless of the winter gray

The spring colors come full bloom
In this fantasmagorical world
No division could be computed
Nor can it be unfurled

But in an absolute fact
The summation of us
Now leads in a new direction
Of an additional plus

The setting may change
But our architechture is sound
I will always be yours
Firm on fertile ground

Where the water springs
And the love always flows
I'm blessed by your grace
Set sail I will never go

As long as you allow me 
To be your plus one
Evermore you are
My plus one.

-Dedicated to my wife on Valentine's Day, 2013

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