Wednesday, August 08, 2012

...And ignited a flow

On this very special day
Many, many years ago
You came to life
And ignited a flow

That moment christened
A beautiful child
Perfect in your own way
Uniquely styled

Honest to a fault
Honorably so
Outside the box thinking
A patented glow

I first came to know you
At a notable event
Who would've known
It was heaven-sent

For that person, you,
Became a good friend
Funny and graceful
Worthy to befriend

As I learned more
About who you are
My heart fluttered
Can this be an awesome star?

Irrevocably yes!
And even more 
The flow was a torrent
Blasting through the door

Not only was I
Your friend for sure
But I wanted even greater
More ever so more

Not just a girlfriend
But a life's partner
As in marriage
My life's partner

Though I knew 
It was quite a feat
20 months you gave me
To reach a defeat

I only had potential
But your heart I did seek
Patience on the ground
Even when times were bleak

We made it through
Regardless of the state
It was written in the stars
That was our love's fate

To go from a simple date
To husband and wife
I'm so indebtedly grateful
For your wondrous life

You have graced me
With your remarkable presence
Uplifting my lonely life
Better than any gift or present

It was half empty
You filled it full
Keeping me grounded
Yet never dull

I couldn't have asked
For any better
In a marvelous wife
None other is better

It was all because
Many, many years ago
You came to life
And ignited a flow.

Dedicated to my dear wife on her birthday. I am definitely the luckiest man!