Friday, May 25, 2012

Hocus Pocus

The night before
Starts with a flicker
A bit of excitement
Yearning for quicker

Out in the horizon
The light changes
Dusk becomes dawn
Emotions in all ranges

This is the day
Make or break
Anxiety heightens
To realize my stake

A question pops
Expands in the mind
Should I have
Oh never mind

Full steam ahead
I jump wholly in
Whatever it is
Bear it within

The sun rises
Here already too late
Time to go
Now is the fate

What is perceived
Dreams of grandeur
Nightmarish horrors
The opening door

Time to see
Critical Focus
I am awakened
Hocus pocus!

These are my thoughts are of the future, of what is around the corner, and how I visualize a fateful day. I'm not sure what this fateful day is about, but it popped into my head just right now. It is a view into the internal mechanism of my mind and its actions, the decision-making process. Does your mind work the same way?  


Zeebs said...

Oh yes. My mind works in ways I've yet to discover.

Anonymous said...

The creation of something thing meaningful out of nothing is the essence of a soul.