Monday, April 05, 2010

Of These Coming Storms

Now the tides
Begin to rise
All around
Signaling the demise

What comes
Must go by
Despicable and sorrow
To the wayside

The status quo
Cannot go
Anymore at length
It is the foe

Disaster speaks
At whisper's length
Fail the Almighty
Lose more than a tenth

The thunderous cloud
Calls forth a rapture
A cleansing of sorts
Of false and ill-reputed stature

Down shall fall
An institution's merit
No glory nor honor
But dissonance inherit

Thy fate is at hand
The people speak
Protests and chants
Of the future bleak

God raises his voice
Louder and clearer
The tide crashes in
Washing the error

Are you in the steady
A foundation of rock
Or is it in quicksand
Fleeing the flock

Change your ways
The signal alarms
You have been warned
Of these coming storms

A letter this time
Will not suffice
Rectify these claims
Own up to the vice.


Ahsan said...

Storm means terrible, violent. As a storm country like India I know its severe effect. But here you very beautifully described with human behaviour

aria said...

I loved the second para..

storms certainly are a warning for inevitable alteration .. and nothing could stronger than a storm of collective human nous.. the analogy is apt for the theme ..

Jill said...

I like the line "God raises his voice louder and clearer"...I always wonder why we are so deaf that he has to shout...why can't we hear his whisper of wisdom?