Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Fate

As the door creaks open
A monstrous figure appears
Dripping tears and sweat
Ferociously emitting fears

He growls fiercely loud
Terrifying the soul
Heat emanates from him
Blanketing the cold

The eyes seek you out
Mystifying in terror
He sees through the dark
Into the most inner

A blaze is lit
Engulfed is the room
I have no way out
Impending doom

I can see the hunger
The agony and pain within
Locked up in dormancy
Too long has it surely been

Rage fuels him
It shrouds the damp air
Encircled in flames
Affixed with a devious stare

A sudden movement
Is all it takes
One swift strike
And death seemingly makes

The ground quickly quivers
He has made his move
The thunderous quake
Like a hammered screw

I fall in grace
He devours the mold
An explosive transformation
Bends into the fold

Awakened from slumber
From the ashes pitiful
Flight takes its strong form
A phoenix in full

Morphed from the dreary
I have become him
In hunger and piercing pain
Filled to the bitter brim

I have returned
From the land of nether
Darting toward the goal
Of the dreams of better

Long it has been lost
Now I gather in powerful force
The passion and motivation
My flight takes it course

I shatter through the door
For opportunities embrace
Trailblazing through stubborn rock
Leaving a clear trace

My soul is lit with fire
The fervor resonates
I'm focused on my desires
I'll make my fate.


Chhaya said...

its like a fight with own self.. supressed desires, emotions that were denied..

nice one John :)

So nice to have u back!

Lilly said...

Wow, that really was good. I hung on every word. The monster within. Well done!

Ahsan said...

heart touching poem.....!!!!!

Rachana said...

I wish I had read it earlier. Very nice.