Tuesday, July 07, 2009

You Were So Young

You were so young
Vibrant and vivacious
Effortlessly present
Focused on tenacious

Force to be reckoned
Painstakingly rough
Intent on the goal
Hearty and buff

Adored by many
Ready to display
On that awesome stage
But night taketh the day

On that perilous edge
Harnessing the power
Pushing forward
Never one to cower

You were so young
Too early to go
Life so fragile
Abrupt end to the show

Go in sweet peace
Sleep unperturbed
Eternal in rest
Slumber undisturbed.

As a tribute to the the fragile nature of life. Death stalks at every corner. Cherish what we have and live for the good fight. Any moment can be your last.


Brosreview said...

AH! this is beautiful and sad mate! Well done, you!!!

Rachana said...

Really nice. Food for thought.

Chhaya said...

Hey john.. i came by to say i wrote something, but its like we have written on almos the same topic.

Death is cruel.. unforgiving and very greedy..
love ur poem.. love the way you have handled the unfulfilled dreams and wishes of the dead..

hope its not a personal poem..

PAUL TRAN - Friend, Entrepreneur, Investor, Restaurant Developer, Workaholic (obviously) & Closet-Case R&B Singer said...

wow: that's kinda deep. i'm impressed and surprised

aria said...

touching ..