Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Spewing beneath
In molten agony
Is the belief
And lack of apathy

What he seeks
The ultimate reward
Fiery flames
Reach the accord

In his dreams
Many times over
Anger speaks
No run for cover

Faithfully built
Aptly skilled
Stroke of genius
Heartily willed

The time has come
Shining bright lights
Zeal for greatness
Set hard on the sights

The moment calls
Onward it beckons
Unleash the fight
A ferocious weapon

With one fell shot
Seething in disgust
The weak fall and fail
In that powerful thrust

That competitive spirit
The passionately desired
Shall never cease
I am inspired.

Written as an inspiration of "Heart of a Champion"


Brosreview said...

Mate, as I was reading this one, I noticed that I was singing this in the tune of "Eye of the tiger".

This is poignant! Simply fantastic! And, as the title says, as the song intends to convey, as the last lines says, I say too, "I am inspired".

Brilliant! Keep them coming!

Bobbi said...

This has fire, and passion, it's truly inspiring.

Lilly said...

Oh I love this one. So much energy and well its so inspiring!

Poetikat said...

Inspiring is the word, that's for sure. Excellent, Q!


Chhaya said...

Beautiful one John.. i dunno why i felt my mind going to the "Batman" and to an extent, to the "Hulk"..

forgive me if that was a bad thing to do, but i felt this sense of hidden anger and desires in the protagonist of this poem...

keep em coming :)