Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Even to the best of my ability
I can be quite so silly

In my thoughts and words
Dreaming of the birds

I cannot always correctly assume
What your mind expects me to presume

I am only human
With a decent acumen

I try and try so hard
Sometimes its not in the cards

To know what is
That is your "biz"

I am but a kind soul
Stuck in a rut of a hole

Connections you expect
My inquires you reject

Anguish stirs a dark pot
In the headlights I am caught

Knowing not the way
That you assume me to say

Lend me a helping hand
Fallen I am in quick-sand

Tell me your needs
So I can perform wondrous deeds

Keep it to yourself
In the burdening stealth

Assume the worse
An undeniable undesirable curse

Because I was left in the dark
Stuck in neutral in park

Communication is key
For us to be

So let it out
Open the floodgates spout

The bad, the good and ugly
For future's sake of snugly

Love is a fragile entity
A work in progress perpetually

Built on strong foundation
For a better formation

Times may be rough
But we shall be tough

Chores it may be at times
It shall end in melodic chimes

Nothing comes easy
In an unfair world of sleezy

Especially in the art of love
Its the hardest of all the above

Pain and frustration
Makes love a divine sensation

So two we must
Start to earn our trust

Break the inactive condition
For a better connection

Dust off the dirt
Time to push and exert

Plan and expand
Create a new brand

Alas communication is key
For us to grow to be


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meimeil6 said...

I really like this one!!