Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Yell Cries Out From Under

Beneath the smoke and rubble
Bricks fallen asunder
Glass shattered all over
A yell cries out from under

Drips of oozing blood
Drop down the forehead
Aching pain and bewilderment
Littered around with dread

This pain strikes deep
Like a destructive blast
Exploding with blunder
Is there life to even last?

The "rebels" fight fiercely
The gunships too in retaliation
At the heart of this matter
A two-state solution

Yet neither show civility
As civilians die and perish
Palestinians and Israelis alike
Life callously un-cherish

Extremism at the top notch
From the ground and air
The rocket attack unforeseen
As the innocent despair

Is this the Holy Land
Bloodshed and destruction
Hatred and distrust
God's plan and creation?

As the fight forges on
The suffering only multiplies
Exponentially within throughout
From out under a yell cries

Is there peace
A truce and resolution
Fixing the fracture
A conflict's ending conclusion?

Thousands of years of war
Hath not been able to solve
Time to meet at the table
The handshake of peaceful resolve

Urgently and make haste
This needed settlement
Otherwise face the wrath
Of hatred's accursed entitlement

Because beneath the broken
Destruction and despair
This child shall awake
How will he fair?

A yell cries out from under
The angry inferno must cease
For the future's sake
Settle the conflict in peace.


Bobbi said...

Oh if it all only could be settled in peace. It that is the Holy land, and I'm not saying it's not, why are those people who live in Christs chosen place so violent. I really don't think that's the way it was intended when God created man.

Loved the poem, it has to be good to garner such a response out of me.

Quackster said...

@Bobbi: I'm glad you liked the poem. Let's hope for peace and do our part to support tolerance around us =)