Tuesday, November 04, 2008

End of Hiatus

Thus it has been
for quite a while
a long time coming
to spit my style

The wait is gone
the hiatus that was
now has ended
no more fuss

I had to go
been gone awhile
to finish off
my real life profile

The job is done
I am free at last
the weight has lifted
an end to my fast

I now make my return
what is the normalcy
I am here to stay
new words to perceive

An end to an era
Begins now anew
The end of the hiatus
Forward I move.


Chhaya said...

love this poem :)
btw, Long time no see :(

There is a gift for u at my blog!


mei said...

wohoo, at last a post!

Bobbi said...

Good to have you back, and what a great way to announce your return.