Monday, May 12, 2008

To make a mistake

It is human
To make a mistake
Falsely perceive
And wrongly partake

Now the question
Of utmost importance
Will you proceed humbly
Or recede in arrogance

The answer is simple
Yet hard to attempt
To change is the need
The mind is in contempt

To move surely
In the "right"
The pangs and angst
Growing pains fight

But if you stay stubborn
Stuck on a wall
Rock hardened heart
Inclined you are to fall

To work toward change
Seems mission impossible
Take it step by step
You will find it plausible

To make a mistake
Is to be human
But how you resolve it
Will improve your acumen

I am certainly human and prone to mistakes. Luckily, I am human because I have the ability to change and progress forward to enlightenment. Every day is a struggle, but if you have hope and desire to walk to the light, it may just be well worth it in the end. Be strong, confident as well as humble. What you seek may just be closer than first thought. Its not how we fall because we are destined to fall, but rather what we do after falling. That is what counts the most.


aria said...

nicely crafted and inspiring thoughts ..

meimeil6 said...

Did you do something bad?

^^ Just messing...

Bobbi said...

I like the hope in this, and determination. Beautiful poem, great message.

Dilpreeta said...

interestingly i find a commonality between us, basis the theme that you have chosen to express yourself about.