Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sleep Oh Sleep

Sleep oh sleep
Where art thou
Shall we meet tonight
I need your comfort
Dearly sincerely
I am up wide-eyed
Hustling rustling
Tossing turning
Why do you hide
I seek thee
For that rest
Those dreams
Of abstract art
Sliding through dimensions
Jumping in portals
Mine body craves
A little rest
On that sunny beach
With cocktails in hand
Laying in the sand
But no
I am here
Scratching my head
Wondering why
Where doth thou stay
Have you forsaken me
Oh sleep my sleep
Are you in bed
Instead of me
I work the day shift
You work the grave yard shift
Not the other way around
I beg of you
Come to me now
As you do every night
Take me away
To far and further
As you should
Into that dark cave
Around is night
Asleep asunder
Except me unacceptably
Do I need to brbe
Did I make you work overtime
With those naps and daydreams
Oh I plead
For my sake
Guide me now
Close mine eyes
Sleep oh sleep
Where are thou.


Poetikat said...

A very nice use of dialogue with the intangible. Elusive sleep is one of my troubles as well - perhaps it is the "artist" thing. If this is not rhetorical, (I don't mean to sound like an advertisement, but it's true) try Bach flower remedy (aka Rescue Remedy). It really does work.

Thank you for visiting Poetikat's Parlour of Poetry. I appreciate your kind comment.


Norma said...

Ah yes. We've all been there! Although not until I was much older than you. Great use of a familiar theme with fresh touches.