Monday, April 28, 2008

Hero of the Day

Byron Scott looks to be winning the NBA's Coach of the Year for guiding the young New Orleans Hornets into the playoffs with the 2nd best record in the Western Conference and sits ready to win a first round playoff. The Hornets have generally been a joke in the NBA and people have often wondered if Byron would last as coach of this team. Now we see the truth of the matter and the fact that stands firm is that Byron Scott is a good coach. He has persevered in New Orleans where the "loser" culture is daunting; we find now that he always knew what some of us fail to see. If one has the perseverance and the hardworking ethics to battle through immeasurable odds, they will overcome those odds; not only that, but they will likely win! Remember, Byron did take those New Jersey Nets, also a long-standing "loser" team to two NBA finals appearances. Do not count out the little guy out when he's down. Congratulations to Byron Scott and I look forward to enjoying the success of the New Orleans Hornets. This team brings uplifting style and spirit to the area once ravaged by Hurricane Katrina and that's what the citizens exactly need. Though the team fights against what a lot of people in the NBA thought were odds too unattainable, we see today that when your heart is focused upon a goal, we will accomplish that goal.

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