Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Emotion vs Logic

What would you rather have?
A style that stirs the emotions
Or a logic of sensible substance
Lets delve into this deeper

Emotions are from the heart
Motivating you from the start
It is a driving force
Persuading you toward a course
Logic is the foundation of the mind
Explaining the course designed
Reason is the focus
That points your path's locus

Oftentimes logic and emotion
Puts into motion
Work that is in concert
Smooth in effort

Emotion gets us on our feet
While logic keeps up from defeat
Logic makes us inquire
What emotion causes us to desire

This is not always the case however
Sometimes one is more heavier on the lever
Making us loosened and uneven
Causing a fall unforgiven

Our emotions can get the better of us
Making us falter, to fuss
Towards a path of ill-will
That is silly and overkill

Our logic can make us boring
Keeping us from soaring
We can be stubborn and cold
Causing us to fold

In this examination of our inner being
Do we know what we are seeking
Logic and emotion
Are both needed is my notion

We cannot be top heavy
And not expect be be unsteady
Neither can we be a bottom feeder
Never to be a leader

If you find yourself with style
And too much guile
You need some substance
For truthful sustenance

Emotion vs Logic
Is not a battle tragic
But rather a communion
A fruitful union

Your life needs both ideals
For you life to be real
Marching you towards your aspirations
Forming your solid formation.

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