Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Fairness Of Strife

I feel angered
Pain and frustration
Of the stupidity
Of this situation
A so-called friend
From behind the scenes
Acts like angel
Having the halo held up
By those despicable thorns
The funny thing is
Everybody knows the wrong
Life is quite fair
In terms of consequences
Of infamous actions
The barely veiled schemes
From behind the curtains
The lack of principle
The inability for morality
Hidden in your mischievous smile
Life is indeed fair
Everybody knows the stupidity
This so-called frienship
You shall get yours
In due time
Not by my recourse
I am too nice
What you have done
Payback will be a bitch
Of those hideous actions
The broken code of ethics
You will pay a heavy price
Karma is true
What goes 'round comes 'round
Full circle the perfect shape
Your history clearly shows
Your failings and dishonesty
Not from my own words mind you
But from your very own tongue
Your desire destroys you
I am agonized now
But shall not be for long
You shall falter
Loneliness will become you
The seeds you sow today
Are like the ones yesterday
Taken over by weeds
Inhibiting true growth
A person of ill-repute
Your lack of improvement
Will leave you empty
My friend that was
Life will be fair
As it was way back when
Your failings will continue
All your guns and stars
The articulate martial skill
Is all but a front
Of your soul-less nature
Everybody can see through
The mean heart within
Rumors have always swirled
Quietly observed from other's voices
Found to be of your true nature
You know nothing
Of what people view of you
You lack the art and skill
Of observational eyes
You know less of yourself
Then all of the people around you
Even ones that have met you only once
Hence your loneliness
Your lack of true friendship
The baggage you carry
Your insincere actions
Leads to your downfall
It has happened before
Therefore it can happen again
You are forewarned
By a friend that was
Your life must make a change
Though the damage is done
My pain I feel
The end is near
What a waste of brilliant mind
Your soul calls out for help
But you ignore its cry
The unwritten rule
You always wanted her
From day one
You shall deserve
What's coming to you
In the stupidity of
This despicable situation
Your weakness is
And shall always be
A hindrance for growth
You can only hurt me but once
Your actions will hurt you forever.

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