Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In a dream not long ago

Deep and silent
In the night sky
I fall asleep
Into a trance
Of realism
In a dream not long ago
Right outside my gate
Lies a sheep
Tightly snug
Against the brick wall
Surrounding my home
Day by day
I see it there
Sitting harmlessly
Staring with intent
Through the steel gate
I befriend this creature
That sits day after day
At my warm hearth
The odd thing is
Even though
The relations are friendly
Something quite odd
Nibbles at the mind
Why that concentrated gaze
Day after day
My premonition lights
As time flies by
Our interaction is cordial
The conversations neighborly
The prick in the mind
Sticks out like a sore thorn
Warnings lights
I perceive a problem
My spider senses tingle
Then one day I'm gone
Far far away
Then I return
To my surprise
I see the sheep
In my courtyard
However he's not a sheep
That I know from before
He has morphed
Into a dark lord
A bastard in disguise
The friend I thought
Has changed drastically
That conflicts my mind
A wolf emerges
From the costume
He once wore
So sneakily well
What am I to do
My home is in danger
By this monstrosity
So devilish and evil
Not to fear though
I am prepared
My premonitions
That irked my mind
Ever so clear
Caused me to call out
Loudly and boldly
"Release the hounds!"
My thoroughbred friends
Hidden within the house
Drove away that monster
That was once my friend
The interest he held
For my warm hearth
He ever so jealously held
Thought that he
Could just easily capture
But made a miscalculation
The lineage that I'm from
From my grandmother
To my mother
Passed on to me
I see it all clearly
In the darkest night
Like it was bright as day
My perceptions strongly convey
This black sheep always
Green with envy wanted
The house that I built
And all that it stands for
The wolf underestimated
That I always knew
Those darker deeper intentions
The observations he made
Weakly compare to what I saw
In the twinkle of his eye
In a dream not long ago

My premonitions
Leads me though a path
Uncut and unclear
But in the right direction
Like a flashlight
In the darkest night
My perceptions see
What you hide
Like the light of day.

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