Thursday, August 23, 2007

To hold a grudge

To hold a grudge
from deep within
the expansive anger
with stubborn hatred
causes only pain
tortures the mind crazy
endangers the body ill
inflames the soul wrongly
and insults the heart hurtful

To hold a grudge
meaningless and pitiful
never lets you free
trapped in a jail cell
for as long as we hate
tears drip and drown the face
your mind is unclear confused
the dark night envelopes wholly
your escape is helpless

To hold a grudge
the destructive spite
keeps a closed mind
solutions are bountiful
if there was no resistance
our stubbornness keeps the key
we are stuck awfully
in this desolate dungeon

To hold a grudge
let our minds fly free
release the pain
let anger be forgotten
for when this happens
we can move on
a brighter day awaits
freedom rings true
the act of true change
leads to a bright path
of discernible goals
attainable through truth
solutions fly free
we attain happiness

In any society, the path to enlightenment and true change is to forgo our selfish needs and desires for the greater good of the community. Debate is important, however, the significant point is that all sides agree to a resolution through compromise. Diplomacy is always the better way then war. War leads to no victory. Everyone loses. War happens because we hold on to offenses by the other side. However, if both sides can come to the table, compromise and be selfless, a better world can take place. Diplomacy is not easy, but it is the best option. Sometimes, the other side is naive or unaware of offenses. Encouragement for the other side to seek diplomacy and giving credit for positive change can help lead the way to forging a bond of true friendship and peace. Sometimes, the change takes time and both sides can falter, but if the all sides encourage each other, we can foster a growth toward a better society. How can this work? Hard as it may be, starting anew through the dismissal of past faults and mistakes, a clean slate per say, will be a progressive step toward that ideal society. No society can ever be perfect, but if we are willing to try, we will be closer to enlightenment and one step further away from destructive war.

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