Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Hermit

I sometimes feel
that i am misunderstood
ideas, thoughts, musings
am i to blame being "well" understood?

Life seems at times
confusing and cursed
i convey a thought
and get a resounding earful

Retreat is what i do well
when the going is tough
i feel that i am unraveling
when the world is rough

I feel like hermit
lonely in this world
vast in expanse
makes me burrow

What seems to me
logical and clear
is seen as foolish, idiotic
illconceived and quite queer

Is it how i grew up
is being told unique
glossing over the truth
am i just a freak?

These are the times
when the tough get going
i stammer into a wall
and get a jolting

I creep into my hole
small yet a perfect fit
for a lost soul
I am a hermit.

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