Friday, April 08, 2005

As is in love, the same as well in life

As it is in love, it is also for life. These two elements are interrelated and interconnected. When one is missing love, life seems bland, boring and dull. Life is more lifeless then living. However, happen-chance you meet a special person to fall in love in, life at that point is exhilarating, exasperating, and exceptional. You wonder how you might have lived life before this crucial moment in time. Ah, but you see you have. Parents, with their loving care have given you a great life. This is why we reminisce on times when we children and wonder how we can go back to those times, retrieve the awe that we had back then, the fun had, and the friends we made. Our parents with their tender loving care made life exquisite, like the sun's first rays splicing though the cold dark blanket of night at dawn. Love made those times and those memories, a life worth living. Love makes living special. What happens when we have loved and then unexpectedly lost it? It is like losing your very own life, a good one at that. Losing that love made life miserable, irritable and sad. When we are in love, life moves speedily. The heart, an icon of love so to speak, during those splendid times beats quite quickly as well, ticking the very clock of our time. What I guess I am trying to convey in this message here is that life at its very center, the core, originates from love. We should live life according to a heart that entertains love. By doing so, we get to witness a vast many great awe-inspiring things in our life. It will make life sweeter, soulful, and most importantly alive.

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