Saturday, January 28, 2017

Resist the Rogue

A mad man is in our midst. Those who think that this rhetoric will die down must realize that logic does not apply to this.

We will keep up the heat. Our drums will continue to beat. The vigilance we will keep.

Wait it out I will not take a seat. Stand against stupidity we shall defeat.

He is not of sound mind nor judgement, surrounded my advisors not of the people, corrupted.

The show is over, the terror is real. Right or left and every which way, it's time to coalesce. Ideas we can disagree, but agree we must against this bigotry.

It's time to impeach, impose the people's will. He does not stand for us and he never will.

Actions speak louder, and the volume is deafening. We must act, and it must be now.

Dissent is patriotic. Resist this fanatic.


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